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About Us _ Sugar Land Drug Alcohol Detox & Rehab
Skyward Treatment Solutions is Houston’s number one premier treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction. We offer a caring, compassionate, and comprehensive approach to treating not only addiction, but the associated behaviors which go along with it, and more importantly, the underlying internal struggles which can make finding recovery on your own so overwhelming.
Skyward Treatment Solutions is a different type of treatment center. We employ a multidisciplinary team of qualified and licensed professionals who specialize in treating substance use and mental health conditions. Our counselors are Master’s level licensed professionals who are experienced and highly skilled in helping you get to the root of your problems, so that you can begin to live the life you truly deserve. Our psychiatric, medical, and nursing professionals will help you through a Medically Assisted Detox if necessary, and treat your substance use and any co-occurring mental health or medical problems with an attentive and individualized program specifically for you. We believe in whole-person interventions and offer holistic interventions including yoga, acupuncture, jiu jitsu, and a gym for physical wellness. We also have family therapy to help you restore your most important relationships.
At Skyward Treatment Solutions, we put our client’s needs first! Skyward Treatment Solutions is a friendly, professional, and family oriented environment. We are the only animal-friendly facility in the Houston area, and we find that so many of our residents are soothed and comforted by their ability to bring their animal friends with them to treatment at Skyward. This makes us a unique setting for you to be able to pursue the life you imagined without giving up the comfort and love of your pet.
We believe in the power of community and connections, and will work together as a team – YOUR team- help you to establish the life you are ready for in recovery – a life of freedom.
About Us _ Sugar Land Drug Alcohol Detox & Rehab

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