Why are Addiction and Finances Connected?

Why are Addiction and Finances Connected?

Alcohol and substance abuse impacts health, employment, and relationships. These may not be visible from the early onset of addiction, but addiction affects a person’s economic status.

Addiction costs a lot of money. Maintaining substance or alcohol dependency can cause a financial burden.

At Skyward Treatment, we help our patients to get back on track and teach them life skills that will help them after rehab. But first, let’s see how addiction affects a person’s finances.

High-Cost Health Problems

Individuals suffering from substance abuse will eventually face grave health problems as side effects. Alcoholics may face liver damage in the long run. Treating liver diseases is not cheap. Medical care for substance overdose can be costly. Also, insurance premiums can increase because of addiction.

Rehab facilities are not cheap. But the programs are designed to help patients to learn skills that will help them make better choices.

Addiction Negatively Impacts Employment

Untreated addiction is a complex disease to have. It can impact relationships, especially your relationship with your boss. When you are addicted to alcohol or substances, your world revolves around it.

You prioritize your need to drink alcohol or use substances instead of working productively. Holding a job seems impossible because your focus is lacking. Your financial strain is too much because you cannot stay employed for a long time. You even spend your last cash to feed your addiction.

In a situation like this, rehab treatment can help. Not only with your addiction, but in rehab, you will learn new life skills that will help you after recovery. Rehab facilities can also help in building your resume and finding a job.

Addiction Causes Legal Problems

Alcoholics often find themselves arrested because of DUI. Mind you, this kind of legal process is not low-priced. In Texas, for the first offense, the range can cost you $5,000 to $24,000.

A revoked license can be a problem for someone seeking employment, especially recovering individuals. Some rehab facilities can arrange transportation for their clients.

Invest in Yourself with Skyward Treatment

Financial strain is a difficult battle, but at Skyward Treatment, we can help you get back on track. We can help you learn new life skills to make better financial choices while recovering. We can assist you all throughout the recovery.

We have a Partial Hospitalization Program, Substance Abuse Treatment Program, Outpatient Treatment Program, and Intensive Outpatient Program that serves patients from Dallas, Texas.

If you want to learn more about our treatments and programs, you can contact us today!

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