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The first step towards addiction recovery starts here! Skyward Treatment is a rehabilitation facility located in the heart of Sugar Land, Texas, and we offer our services to those who aim to achieve long-term sobriety. What’s stopping you from receiving the best care for you or your loved one?

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While the road towards addiction recovery might seem complicated and long, it’s not impossible to get there. Not only that, but this is one road that you won’t have to go through alone. Countless people have been in your shoes before, and they’re doing better than ever. Here at Skyward Treatment, we offer various rehabilitation treatments, from in and outpatient treatments to group therapies. We will help you get there, and this is a guarantee! Help yourself today, and discover what a beautiful life you have outside of addiction.

Skyward Treatment accepts all major insurance providers in the country.

We believe that excellent care doesn’t have to be unattainable. We care for you and your well-being, so give us a call today to verify your insurance.

If you’re looking for a rehabilitation facility with a more laid-back atmosphere, then Skyward Treatment is the place to be. Our team of doctors and medical professionals are always ready to help you in any way that they can, and they will guide you every step of the way. Here at Skyward Treatment, your safety and sobriety are our main priority – these should be yours too. While it may seem hard, it’s never impossible. So why not start the journey towards your addiction recovery today?

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We accept all major insurance providers around the country. Why not verify if your insurance would cover all your treatments and therapies?

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