10 Famous Misconceptions About Addiction and Recovery

10 Famous Misconceptions About Addiction and Recovery

We live in a modern world, but even in modern times like this, there are still myths about addiction and recovery.

In this article, we will answer these misconceptions.

Drug addiction is a choice. The user could stop if they wanted to.

This misconception is easier said than done. Substance abuse disorder is a chronic disease similar to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. There is a study that will prove it. People do not get addicted just because they want to.

Some factors contribute to a person’s substance abuse disorder. Also, people cannot suddenly stop the addiction if they want to. It is much more complicated because it involves the brain.

Drug addicts are bad people.

Addiction alters brain function. A person with addiction does not equate to being a bad person. Addiction pushed people to do bad things but it does not mean that they are evil. They are not addicts because they are bad. They do bad things because they are addicts who need help.

You can not be an addict if you hold down a job.

False. Because there are studies that show many people who have careers and also have substance abuse disorders. Some high-functioning addicts can still keep their jobs while battling addiction.

You would know if someone close to you was addicted.

Addiction is not always transparent. Since addiction often causes guilt and embarrassment, many people learn behaviors that push them to conceal their addiction temporarily.

Once you receive treatment, the journey with addiction is over.

Recovery is a continuous and lifetime process. Some people have been sober for years and relapse. To successfully battle addiction, commitment and unwavering support are required.

Relapse is a sign of failure.

Relapse is part of the healing process. It is not equivalent to failure in any way. A year after receiving substance misuse therapy, 40% to 60% of patients relapse, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Alcohol addiction is not as bad as drug addiction

Alcohol is the third most common preventable cause of mortality in the US, according to The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. The social aspect gives the appearance that alcohol is less harmful than narcotics like heroin or cocaine, but the truth is that alcohol is a lethal substance.

There is a one-size-fits-all treatment

Even if the abused substance is the same, everyone responds to treatment differently. Successful treatment must be individualized and based on a person’s needs because there is no one-size-fits-all treatment.

You should keep your struggles with addiction a secret.

For some, addiction is a shameful thing. It should not be because addiction is a chronic disease that needs to be treated. Letting your friends and family know will give you peace of mind and genuine support.

You must hit rock bottom to have a successful recovery.

Rock bottom is relative. You do not need to hit an all-time low before getting help. Getting help as early as possible is ideal.

These misconceptions should not hinder you to get help. Skyward Treatment in Houston, Texas, is here to help. Call us!

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