5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Drug Detox Center in Houston

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Drug Detox Center in Houston

You’ve made the decision to check into rehab, which is a great first step. Now, it’s time to begin the search and find a drug detox center that is best for you. When you’re choosing a drug detox center, there are several things you want to keep in mind because not every detox center will work for you. 

Keep these five questions in mind when selecting a drug detox center. And don’t be afraid to ask questions! 

Do you provide holistic treatment?

When it comes to finding an effective drug detox center, you want to make sure the facility offers holistic treatment. Holistic treatment combines several therapies to address drug addiction from many angles. This approach is also called integrative therapy because one or more therapies are integrated together to intensively treat drug addiction. For example, a holistic treatment may include medication and psychotherapy, or music therapy and exercise. 

Do you offer medically supervised detox?

You should feel safe and comfortable if you need medical detox. An effective drug detox center will provide a team to overlook medical drug detox, as detoxing can cause negative side effects. This team, which is overlooked by a doctor, will monitor the patient and ensure the patient’s detox goes well and that any harmful side effects, such as hallucinations and convulsions, are addressed and treated immediately. 

Do you offer in-patient and out-patient services?

You want to make sure the detox center you choose provides help in their facility, as well in a patient’s home. For some, outpatient detox is sufficient for their addiction, while others require more intensive in-patient treatment. Your detox center should provide both to give you options just in case you need in- or outpatient care.

Is your facility pet friendly?

When facing checking into rehab, the last thing someone wants to do is leave behind their beloved pets. Animals are a great form of support and have been proven to help people get through addiction, so look for a detox center that’ll allow your pets to join you on your journey. Also, ask if there are additional fees or what types of pets are allowed.

Is your center licensed and/or accredited?

A detox center should be licensed by the state that it’s in. Also, the treatment team, such as the doctors, nurses, and therapists, should also have their licenses. This should be listed on the detox center’s website.

What type of follow-up care do you provide?

After detox and treatment, you may need ongoing support as you transition back home and into your previous routine. Ask the detox center you’re interested in what types of follow-up care they provide. Follow-up support may include: help with transitional housing, telemedicine or virtual appointments, and check-ins to see how you’re doing. 

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