8 Healthy Breakfast Meals for Addiction Recovery

What you eat during addiction recovery is just as important as what you don’t eat. As your body adapts to this new healthy choice you’ve made, you also need to nourish it by keeping it supplied with healthy and balanced food options. Here are some of the best breakfast ideas to get you started for the day.

  1. Oatmeal with Blueberries

Oatmeal is a good source of fiber and would be the perfect breakfast if you don’t have the time to make one. Put in a bit of almond milk and top it off with your favorite fruits such as blueberries, raspberries, or banana. The choice of fruit is really up to you. Note though that when preparing oatmeal, you want to limit the amount of sugar mixed in. Sugar and other sweeteners can easily increase your cravings and make you go off the path towards health. Add in some honey for sweetening but keep it sparse.

  1. Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie

Fruits and vegetables are always an excellent breakfast choice for recovery. They’re filling, delicious, and packed with all kinds of vitamins and minerals. Not one fruit comes with all the important vitamins and minerals you’ll need so try to blend different flavors, mix and match to get the flavor you want. Berries, bananas, papaya, yogurt, and almond milk are some of the best additions to breakfast smoothies. Don’t forget to put in leafy green vegetables in that smoothie as the greens are packed with antioxidants.

  1. Tofu Scramble

Tofu is packed with protein and is incredibly easy to digest – making it perfect if you’re suffering from complications like constipation. It’s also capable of repairing liver damage by decreasing the workload of the liver. This is because even though tofu is packed with protein, it doesn’t contain any fat – which means that the liver doesn’t have to produce any bile to break it down. As a result, the liver manages to slowly repair itself. Tofu scramble is cooked in the same way you’d cook scrambled eggs. You’ll be cooking this more often since it’s a much healthier substitute. 8 Healthy Breakfast Meals for Addiction Recovery

  1. Chicken Sandwich

Who says you need to be incredibly fancy with breakfast? Even a simple chicken sandwich can help aid recovery – but only if you know how to prepare it properly. Chicken by itself is already a powerful addiction recovery food – ideally grilled and then separated into delicate fibers. Use whole wheat bread and perhaps some leafy greens in between for added flavor. Condiments are fine but keep them light. Research shows that chicken is a good source of L-glutamine which helps curb sugar cravings – a side effect common during the early days of recovery.

  1. Oat Bran topped with Fruits

Oat bran is the outer part of the oatmeal but you can be sure that they come from the same plant. You would eat this the same way you would eat oatmeal – topped with your favorite fruits and other natural sources of sweet. This is good for addiction recovery because of the tryptophan content – an amino acid that triggers the production of “happy” hormones. With this in your diet first thing in the morning, you’ll have a more optimistic outlook for the rest of the day.

  1. Yogurt

For most people, breakfast is all about giving yourself some food before rushing out to go to work. Convenience is therefore an important factor – which is why yogurt as your primary breakfast food is often a good idea. This particular item contains healthy bacteria that stimulate the operation of the digestive tract. If you’re suffering from digestive issues such as constipation, cramps, or diarrhea, eating yogurt will help minimize any problems. Yogurt can also help promote a sense of relaxation and calmness in most people which is definitely helpful if you’re having the jitters.

  1. Avocado Toast

There’s a reason why avocado toast became such a popular food – because it is wonderfully healthy. As a breakfast meal, avocado is packed with healthy fats that aid in the repair of tissue as well as brain function. Pair it with whole wheat bread and you have yourself a well-blended breakfast that should get you started for the rest of the day. Some boiled egg on the side should also increase your protein intake for the day.

  1. Salad

A breakfast salad may seem far from appetizing but you’ll be surprised at how well it helps you when starting the day. Salad is very filling, aids with digestion, and is packed with vitamins and minerals to get you started. Obviously, you need to be mindful of what goes in the salad as well as the amount of dressing you’re putting in.

Of course, the list is just a limited glimpse of the ideal breakfast food items for addiction recovery. Keep in mind that breakfast is just one the important meals a day – you also have to choose healthy for lunch, dinner, and your snacks. Starting right with breakfast however helps adds to the possibility of good food choices the rest of the day.

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