8 Tips on How to Safely Use Prescription Medication

8 Tips on How to Safely Use Prescription Medication

Medication changes how the world turn. Medication makes our lives easier. It increases the quality of our well-being. But no medication is perfect. There are prescription drugs that cause severe addiction when abused.

Physicians prescribe medication not because of its addictive properties. They prescribe drugs because they believe it is more beneficial to your sickness. It is why following instructions on how to take prescription medication is a must.

Opioids are highly-addictive medications, but their benefits outweigh the risks. Below, we listed tips on how to safely use medications without the risk of developing an addiction.

Ask All the Important Questions

Ask your physician for all the information you need about the medication. If something is not clear enough, be proactive and ask questions.

Understand Your Prescription

List all the necessary steps in taking the medication. Make sure that all information is clear. Ask questions like:

  • When to take the medication?
  • Should you eat first before taking the drug?
  • How fast will it kick in?
  • When should you take the medication?

Talk to Your Pharmacist About the Medication Leaflet

Every prescription comes with a helpful pamphlet that provides clear, helpful information. It covers a lot of important information, including the typical adverse effects and drug interactions of your prescription. If you have any questions, go through them with your pharmacist.

Carefully Follow Directions

Always take your medications exactly as your doctor has instructed. That includes, among other things, taking it at the proper time and dosage.

List All of the Medications You Take

You should keep a record of all prescription drugs you take, as well as any over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements. At your next appointment, bring this list with you and show it to your doctor.

Your doctor will be able to find any overlaps or possible interactions that could be harmful to your health


Stick to a Single Pharmacy

In this time of digitalization, electronic databases are available at many pharmacies, and they can alert your pharmacist whether a new medication will negatively interact with others you already take.

Stay in Touch

Call your doctor if you experience serious side effects from taking the prescribed medication. Inform him if it does not work.

Before you stop, consult your doctor.

Talk to your doctor before stopping your medication. If you suddenly stop taking medication, you might experience withdrawal symptoms. Ask your doctor first before stopping.

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