Is Your Drug Addiction Connected to Your Childhood Trauma?

Is Your Drug Addiction Connected to Your Childhood Trauma?

Not many people realize this, but there is an underlying connection between drug addiction and childhood trauma. It’s a connection that stems from a very early age, and traumatic events experienced by an individual can often create a series of mental health issues in adulthood.

How it works is that most of these people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD brought by their childhood traumas would often self-medicate to ease their anxiety. Well, we all know where self-medication would lead to…

According to a report by the National Institutes of Health, more than one-third of adolescents who have gone through abuse or neglect would have developed a substance use disorder before they reached 18.

In the United States of America, that is approximately 7% to 8% of our population.

Sometimes, the trauma that these individuals have experienced from their childhood would cause a series of events that would lead to physical or psychological harm.

In line with this, they would do whatever it takes to stop them from remembering these traumas and would lead them to take drugs that weren’t prescribed to them by a certified medical professional.

Once they start self-medicating, they would realize that they need more drugs. In return, a substance use disorder would develop, and they would then have a hard time getting rid of it no matter how hard they try.

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