Addressing the Myths Surrounding Addiction and Treatment

Addressing the Myths Surrounding Addiction and Treatment

Addiction is often considered a subject taboo and no one likes to talk about it. The same is the case with addiction treatment. People are ashamed to be addicted or to know someone who is addicted. Thus, instead of helping themselves or others, they just turn their back on the problem. 

Therefore, to make people more aware of addiction and its treatments, we have compiled this blog with a few myths surrounding the two topics. Take a look! 

Myths About Addiction and Treatment 

Take a look at these myths and misconceptions about addiction and treatment and help the ones who need it. 

  1. Addiction to substances happens by choice 

It may seem that the user began by choice but you never know what one is going through. There can be multiple reasons behind someone’s addiction. Thus, instead of judging someone’s problem, you should help them seek treatment

  1. Addicts are bad people 

Addicts might seem unkept, dirty, or unhealthy, but they are not bad. Unpleasing appearances and behaviors of an addict are just side effects of their addiction. Therefore, instead of outcasting the person, you should attempt to talk to them and even help if possible. 

  1. One cannot be an addict if they have a job

Addicts don’t always sit in a garage smoking weed or drinking alcohol. If one has a job and is consuming substances, one can still develop an addiction. Some people are just able to manage everything somehow but that does not spare them from addiction. 

  1. The treatment permanently ends your journey with addiction 

Addiction treatment surely helps you overcome addiction and even teaches you to handle triggers. But it never says you won’t ever be addicted again. Once the treatment is over, it is up to you to stay away from substances and prevent a relapse. 

Treatment does not end your journey with addiction but it surely helps you achieve a lifetime of sobriety. However, this is only possible if you are determined to stay sober and receive treatment from the right place like Skyward Treatment

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