All you Need to Know About Teen Vaping

All you Need to Know About Teen Vaping

You must have seen people resort to vapes or e-cigarettes to quit smoking. While vapes may not include substances similar to cigarettes, it still contains some harmful chemicals like nicotine and THC. The vape companies advertise it as flavored smoke but it still has a minor amount of toxins. 

Thus, vaping is just as harmful as smoking tobacco and marijuana. Here is a blog with more information on vapes and how it affects teens. 

How Common is Vaping Among Teens? 

Vaping has become that new fancy way to smoke. With tons of flavors and attractive vapes, teens are especially attracted to this method of smoking. Though vape juice may not contain as much nicotine as cigarettes, it still has some amount of it present inside. This is what creates a sort of dependency on vapes among teens. 

Vaping is just as harmful as prescription drugs among teens

What is the Difference Between E-cigarettes and Vape Pens?

Vape pens and e-cigarettes are the same and work on the same principle of condensing the smoke. The only difference between both is their forms. Vape pens and e-cigarettes come in a variety of forms and colors. Some common names for e-cigarettes are: 

  • E-cigs 
  • Juul pods 
  • Vape pens 
  • E-hookahs 

How can you Identify the Signs of Vaping in a Teen? 

Though vaping is not like smoking cigarettes or joints, it still has some evident signs. You can look for the following signs in a teen to confirm their vaping habits: 

  1. Dry mouth, nose, and sinuses 
  2. Increased thirst than usual 
  3. Nosebleeds due to sinuses 
  4. Loss of smell and taste resulting in extra salt and spices in their food 
  5. Irritability and anxiety 
  6. Sensing flavored scents like fruits, desserts, or candies from teens or their room
  7. Finding fancy-looking devices or parts of them in the house 

Vaping is just as harmful as smoking cigarettes and weed. Thus, if you suspect your teen is vaping, talk to them before it becomes an addiction. Once addicted, the only way to help them will be by sending them to Skyward Treatment for addiction treatment. 

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