All You Need to Know and Consider About IOP in Houston, TX

All You Need to Know and Consider About IOP in Houston, TX

Are you suffering from substance use disorder and want to heal and recover? Are you confused about what treatment to consider? You’re not alone. We’re here to help you.

Substance use disorder is a hard battle to win, but achievable. One way to defeat addiction is to enter a treatment program that suits your substance use disorder.

Here at Skyward Treatment, we offer various treatment programs, like, Residential Treatment, Pet-Friendly Rehab, Psychiatry, Medically-Assisted Detox, and Intensive Outpatient Programs.

What Are the Five Levels of Care?

The severity of substance use disorder and the required therapy is reflected in the several stages of care. The American Society of Addiction Medicine has identified five distinct levels of care. They take into account the likelihood of withdrawal, any physical or mental health issues, the patient’s readiness for change, the likelihood of relapse, and the patient’s environment in these levels of care requirements.

Therese levels are the following:

  • Level 0.5: early intervention services
  • Level 1: outpatient services
  • Level 2: intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization services
  • Level 3: residential or inpatient treatment services
  • Level 4: medically managed intensive inpatient treatment services

IOP was included in these levels of care because each individual has a different level of addiction.

What’s an IOP?

Most people think that rehab programs require individuals with substance use disorder to stay in the facility until they finish the program.

In IOP, they don’t need to live in the facility to recover. This is because IOP is a flexible treatment program that allows individuals to continue their work and other commitments while attending recovery sessions.

This program typically consists of group and individual therapy sessions lasting 10–12 hours per week, spread out over 3–4 days. Compared to standard outpatient programs, which may only need a client to visit their therapist once or twice per week for an hour each, intensive programs spend a greater number of hours on therapy.

IOP provides group therapy and individual therapy similar to residential treatment programs. Group therapy is a structured support system where recovering individuals can relate to others’ experiences while using it as motivation. Group therapy offers various advantages, like,

  • Overcoming social anxiety.
  • Enhances communication skills and interactions.
  • Helps to recognize the commonality of your experiences.
  • Can provide peer guidance and empathy to those who are in the earlier stages.

This also equips individual therapy, which helps your mental health disorders and more. Individual therapy also provides advantages, like,

  • Discussing with your clinician a particular topic that was brought up in the group.
  • Discussing certain topics that you may not feel comfortable sharing in the group.
  • Opportunity to process difficulties that have come up in the group.

What’s the Duration of IOP?

The average length of time spent in a partial hospital is 6 to 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. Depending on how you are doing in the program, it lasts for 3–4 weeks.

Where Can You Find IOP in Houston, Texas?

A strong determination is needed to achieve sobriety after IOP. Skyward Treatment is a top-notch rehab center. If you need guidance and treatment programs in Houston, Texas, we are ready to help you.

Our helpline is available 24/7. If you need help, call us!

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