An In-Depth Look at Intensive Outpatient Programs In Houston, Texas

An In-Depth Look at Intensive Outpatient Programs In Houston, Texas

Individuals suffering from substance use disorder are not all the same. Some may have a mild addiction, while others battle severe drug dependence. Consequently, treatment programs are tailored to meet the needs of every individual battling substance use disorder.

One of the treatment programs in Skyward Treatment in Houston, Texas, is Intensive Outpatient Program or IOP.

What’s an IOP and How Does It Work?

IOP, or Intensive Outpatient Program, is used to address mental health concerns such as drug or alcohol addiction. IOP patients stay at home instead of traveling to an inpatient rehab facility.

However, they need to visit the clinic three to four days a week for group and individual therapies.

In IOP, individuals attend individual or one-on-one therapy to address their underlying mental health disorders. It’s because 75% of individuals suffering from addiction have mental health disorders. Mental health needs to be addressed, as well as substance use disorders, for treatment to be successful.

Furthermore, group therapy is also done in IOP. Groups can provide a guide and a network of support. Group therapy members will continually assist individuals in developing specific ideas for addressing a challenging circumstance or life challenge.

Also, they will hold individuals accountable throughout the process. Talking and listening to others regularly aids in putting issues in perspective.

Do IOP Requires Drug Testing?

A program’s effectiveness is generally measured by drug testing. This is especially important for non-abstinence-based IOP. But most IOP requires drug testing because most insurance mandates it. In reality, if drug testing is not required, the whole treatment program will be futile.

How Many Individuals Will Be in the IOP Group?

The IOP program and state regulations determine how many persons should be included in an IOP group. For instance, group sessions in Texas must have a maximum of 16 participants, while educational lectures must have a maximum of 35.

Is IOP the Right Choice for You?

IOP programs are available to anyone who wants to quit using drugs or alcohol but is having trouble doing so. Also, individuals who have a mild addiction, don’t need to undergo detox, are not suicidal, etc., are the most qualified ones for IOP.

Are You Ready To Recover?

Battling addiction is challenging, but it can be done. Skyward Treatment in Houston, Texas, can guide you throughout the recovery journey.

If you want to learn about our available treatment programs for substance use disorder, like Medically-Assisted Detox, Residential Treatment, Pet-Friendly Rehab, and more, don’t hesitate to call us. Know that our doors are always open for you.

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