An Overview of Adolescent Vaping in Houston

An Overview of Adolescent Vaping in Houston

Vaping is a rage now, especially among teens across the country. According to the National Youth Tobacco Survey, “more than 2 million US middle and high school e-cigarette users will use e-cigarettes in 2021, and about 85 percent of teenagers using e-cigarettes use flavored products.”

Although vaping is not a drug, it has harmful chemicals which can cause negative effects over time, like nicotine and THC.

We will answer all common questions about vaping in this blog.

  1. Do Vape Pens And E-Cigarettes Differ From One Another?

There are lots of vaping kits sold in the market. Essentially, they are not different from each other. They are just called differently for marketing purposes. Some common names for e-cigarettes, e-hookahs, Vape pens, Juul pods, e-cigs, etc.

  1. How can you tell if your teen is a vaper?

Some of the most common signs are the following:

  • Dry the mouth, nose, and sinuses.
  • More thirsty than usual.
  • Nosebleeds from dry sinuses.
  • Loss of taste and smell due to vaping
  • Putting more salt and spices in their food than usual.
  • Nicotine cravings
  • You can smell scents associated with flavors on them or in their room
  • Finding vaping devices or parts in your home.
  1. Why is Vaping Harmful to Teenagers?

Vapes include nicotine or THC. These substances can cause addiction in the long run. These chemicals also stunt the brain growth of adolescents. It is why vaping is harmful to teens.

  1. What Are Vaping’s Effects on Physical Health?

Your child’s developing lungs and oral health may be negatively impacted by vaping. Long-term damaging health implications from these effects, such as lung disease, cancer, and tooth problems, are possible.

  1. How Can I Get My Teen to Quit Vaping?

If your child is using vaping to get the chemical THC into their brain, they might be using it as a coping mechanism for mental health issues. Telling them to quit will not work, they might need intervention and help from a rehab facility.

You can get help from Skyward Treatment in Houston, Texas, to address substance abuse in teens. We are here to guide you throughout the recovery journey. Call us!

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