Angry Drunk: The Relationship Between Alcohol and Anger

Angry Drunk: The Relationship Between Alcohol and Anger

Most tensions between people happen when they are drunk. It is because anger and alcohol are linked together. Aggression is more connected to alcohol than any other substance.

But why do people get easily angered when they are under the influence?

Alcohol, Anger, and Aggression

These three are closely connected. Alcohol is a depressant. It causes the body to be heavily impaired, especially after many drinks. Anger is the emotion you feel when you are triggered by something after drinking. Aggression is antagonistic behavior that results in physical or psychological harm to yourself or others. Furthermore, aggression is the negative behavior that causes you or others to suffer physical or mental harm.

Alcohol temporarily alters your mood. Although today many young people engage in excessive drinking, it does not mean that it is not dangerous. It alters your mood and emotion. People who use alcohol daily use it, so their confidence will get a boost from its buzz.

Regrettably, there are other reasons why drinking alcohol can make you feel angry, like:

  • Gender: Commonly, men experience aggression during drinking sessions. Scientist shows that men who consciously hide undesirable thoughts are more prone to respond aggressively when they consume large amounts of alcohol.
  • Social factors: Peer pressure plays a significant role in developing aggression after drinking. When you hang out with friends with anger issues, eventually, you will acquire the same attitude.
  • Mental health: Alcohol is the usual coping mechanism for mental health disorders. But over time, it will become toxic, and it can damage your thoughts and decisions.
  • Personality: This is one of the factors that can make a person aggressive during drinking.
  • Trauma: Traumas that are not properly addressed will creep up, and the next thing you know, you are in a fistfight with somebody.

If you believe you are showing signs of aggression during your drunkenness, it is time for you to get help and addressed all your issues.

Addiction treatment can indeed pose an unpleasant experience, but a cozy rehab center like Skyward Treatment can turn this unpleasant experience into a more manageable one.

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