Why Do People with Substance Abuse Disorder Avoid Getting Addiction Treatment?

Why Do People with Substance Abuse Disorder Avoid Getting Addiction Treatment?

One of the most devastating things for friends and family to experience is a loved one falling into drug abuse. Offering your help to your loved one who struggles with drug abuse is not easy.

People who abuse drugs don’t always accept help. They can’t let go of their drug-dependent lifestyle. It’s difficult for them to acknowledge they need help.

People who abuse drugs also tend to do illegal things to support their drug-dependent lifestyle. Forcing them to go to rehab is not useful because they have justifications for why addiction treatment is not beneficial to them.

The “I can stop whenever I want to” reason.

A select few may be able to live a reasonably typical life despite their substance usage. However, do not be fooled by their reason that they can stop whenever they want to.

Addictive substances control their cravings. They can’t stop whenever they want. Also, going cold turkey may cause them severe withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms need to be addressed by professionals.

The “I know someone who attended treatment but relapsed, why should I go?” reason.

While this reason is quite correct, this justification misses the point that relapse is not a part of addiction treatment programs but rather a sign of how challenging it is to break alcohol and drug addiction.

Also, people who undergo a relapse have a stronger will to complete the road to sobriety. After all, just because something is challenging doesn’t automatically mean it isn’t worthwhile.

The “My friends are all drug users and drinkers. What will I do once I’ve completed my addiction treatment?” reason.

This justification is hard to counter because this is a valid reason. However, addiction treatment has programs like counseling and therapies that will address this concern.

Also, in this kind of treatment, they will have companions who undergo the same dilemma. Your loved one who struggles from substance abuse will have a support system that will make their willpower to recover stronger.

Addiction Treatment in Dallas, Texas

At Skyward Treatment, we firmly believe that family plays a vital role in the fast recovery of our clients.

While it is not required, we encourage family members to participate in our recovery programs, especially in family therapy sessions to address all concerns.

Our programs include Drug Addiction Treatment, Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Medically Assisted Detox, Intensive Outpatient Program, and Pet-Friendly Rehab. These programs are also offered to individuals from Dallas, Texas.

If you want to give your full support to your loved ones, do not hesitate to call us today!

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