10 Steps That Helps In Avoiding CrystalMeth Addiction Relapse

10 Steps That Helps In Avoiding CrystalMeth Addiction Relapse

Crystalmeth is one of the most addictive substances and the most difficult one to get rid of. It stands higher chances of relapse which can occur between 7 to 10 months post the rehab treatment. Relapses have been seen in about 80% of recovering addicts. The relapse could even last forever or can be a temporary set back. Here are 10 steps to avoid crystal meth addiction relapse: 

  1. Prioritize to stay drug – free: staying drug – free will help you and your loved ones. 
  2. Stay away from drug associations: avoid things, places, people and activities which remind you of your previous drug consumption. 
  3. Follow a firm escape plan: contact someone or go to a trusted place who can help you fight your temptation. 
  4. Establish good habits: begin a healthy routine like eating well, sleeping enough, thinking positive and exercising regularly. 
  5. Look after your spiritual self: when your body is free from drugs, you can focus better on improving your spiritual self. 
  6. Make new friends: be in contact with people who are like you at rehab. People working towards maintaining sobriety will be a good influence on you. 
  7. Involve in post – treatment care: after the drug addiction treatment, stay in touch with the center and involve yourselves in all post treatment care provided by the center. 
  8. Avoid illicit substances: avoid consuming any addictive substances after meth detox. Taking alcohol or any other drug could lead to major relapse. 
  9. Plan your life: now since meth is out of your system and mind, try focusing on your life. Engage yourselves in different activities like sports, schooling, get a job or find new interests. This will divert you from thinking about drugs. 
  10. Celebrate achievements: whether you have avoided relapse or it’s your one year anniversary of staying sober, celebrate it all. Appreciate all the efforts and celebrate different milestones that you achieve while remaining sober. It boosts you to stay away from meth for a longer time. 

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