The Benefits of Pet Therapy in Your Addiction Treatment

The Benefits of Pet Therapy in Your Addiction Treatment

As numerous rehabilitation facilities around the country offer pet therapy alongside their addiction treatment, let’s dissect if this is something that works and is a good value for your money.

While the therapeutic use of animals may date back many centuries ago, it’s still something that rings true today. Many rehabilitation facilities have joined the bandwagon and are now offering pet-friendly detox or therapies.

It was actually Florence Nightingale who first recognized the impact that pets had when it came to therapies, and Sigmund Freud also noted that his dog’s presence somehow helped his patients be a little bit calmer.

These powerhouses in medicine have paved the way for us to take advantage of pet therapies, and here at Skyward Treatment, we fully support and believe this too.

According to countless medical studies, our pets can increase our optimism calmness, and they give us a sense that we’re both wanted and loved. Not only that, but they also decrease our feelings of anger and loneliness, which can seriously help those in a rehabilitation facility.

Here at Skyward Treatment, we have a bunch of pet therapy and animal-assisted therapies that our patients can take advantage of. There are also many recreational activities that can seriously help you with your healing using the power that your pets bring in.

Not only is there a particular bond between you and your therapy animal, but they also give you that sense of obligation or that sense that someone is relying on you – which can be helpful in the long run.

While the most common therapy animals are dogs and cats, you can also opt for other animals like horses, guinea pigs, birds, and even rabbits! The sky’s the limit, and your options are endless. The quirky thing is, some people use llamas and ducks as their therapy animals – you can do this too if that’s what you prefer. Most researchers say that all therapy animals are equally effective, so you just have to find one that works for you.

Skyward Treatment is a place that’s pet-friendly, and so you and your therapy animals will thrive under our care. This is a guarantee!

So why not reach out to us today to know more information about our pet-friendly treatments and animal-assisted therapies? We would love to walk you through the process!

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