Can a Pet Cat Improve One’s Mental Health?

Can a Pet Cat Improve One’s Mental Health?

In this day and age, people’s mental health is a widely discussed topic, and more people are now opting to seek help in the form of therapists and medications. If you looked back a couple of decades ago, we could safely say that our psychological work has advanced progressively, which is an immense achievement.

Although, some opt not to take any medication, and instead, they’re adopting pets like cats. Whether you believe it or not, there’s a sense of bond when it comes to a pet and a master. They can also help you feel way happier and less stressed about the world.

Today, there’s this thing called a “therapy cat,” and they’re now recognized as a valid treatment option here in the United States of America.

Animals have been with us since the beginning, and using animals to help us improve our mental health is also a relatively old idea. Though most people prefer having dogs as their therapy animals, there’s just something special about cats.

Sure, cats have gotten such a bad reputation due to their over-independence. Still, they’re also domesticated, and they give their humans that mental stimulation they need to improve one’s mental health. This is why we tend to explore the options of having a cat as your therapy animal, because why not?

Did you know that cats can even lower your stress levels?

A study shows that humans can find comfort from spending time with their feline friends, and it shows that cat owners have a lesser risk of dying from heart attacks. We don’t know about you, but these are things that are appealing even to non-cat lovers.

Here at Skyward Treatment, we believe that having a therapy animal is essential to improving your mental health. We also think that if you can find the time and comfort to spend some time with a furry friend, it’s a good step towards feeling better and overcoming past addiction.

Don’t forget that cats can help you feel positive and happier, and having a therapy animal can seriously help you cope better with the things that make you anxious or frustrated. So if you have the option to get a cat as a therapy animal, we seriously support and recommend it.

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