Causes and Treatment for Addiction

Causes and Treatment for Addiction

Substance abuse and addiction are often considered moral failures. People at times do not even wish to talk about it. However, that’s not how the issues should be addressed. Addiction does not happen overnight and neither does it happen due to a single factor. There are plenty of conditions that play a role when it comes to developing an addiction. 

Let’s know more about what are the causes and treatment of addiction. 

What is an Addiction?

Before we talk about the causes of addiction, it is important to know what addiction is. 

Addiction is the dependency on drugs and/or alcohol to such an extent that one cannot go even a day without consuming these substances. The individual addicted to substances experiences withdrawal symptoms after skipping even a single drink or a dose. This is what drags them further toward severe addiction. 

Addiction does not necessarily always include alcohol or illegal drugs. It can also be developed due to certain prescription medicines like opioids and benzodiazepines. 

Causes of Addiction  

Addiction is governed by multiple factors that have been listed below. 

  1. Genetics 
  • Family history of addiction 
  • Race of an individual 
  • Gender 
  1. Environmental factors 
  • Stress 
  • Childhood traumas 
  • Peer pressure 
  • Socioeconomic status 
  • Surrounding cultures 
  • Cultural changes 
  1. Personal factors 
  • Existing health conditions 
  • Personality 

The Cycle of Addiction 

Addiction does not happen overnight. It all starts with that first drink at a friend’s party or the first dose of a drug. These substances interact with the reward center of the brain, meaning, one feels joyful when drunk or high. This pleasurable feeling is what leads them to consume substances again. If this habit continues, the brain begins to rely on substances to generate that pleasurable feeling, and soon addiction takes over. 

Once addicted, the individual is likely to face health issues in the future. These issues can be as severe as organ failure, cancer, coma, or even death. Thus, it is important to end addiction as soon as possible. 

The best way to do this is by attending substance-specific addiction treatment programs at Skyward Treatment
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