Celebrities Speak Out About Staying Sober in the COVID Pandemic

Celebrities Speak Out About Staying Sober in the COVID Pandemic

COVID had a huge impact on our lives. It was certainly harder to get sober during the pandemic. However, maintaining sobriety during this time was even daunting. If you were isolated at home and unable to attend group meetings, then the time was tough for you. 

Many people came out and said how they managed to stay sober during the pandemic. We are here to talk about some celebrities who faced the same problems. 

#1. Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is a famous podcaster, UFC presenter, comedian, actor and television presenter. He had a group of friends with whom he used to practice Sober October. It would mean that they would not engage in any intoxicants during the month of October. Nevertheless, the situation in October of 2020 was vastly different. 

All of his friends dropped out of the idea citing the fact that the pandemic had made it too hard. When people around you drop out of such ideas, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain. 

Joe Rogan tweeted out and said that people were just finding out that we are not doing Sober October. He further said that he was doing it and he was with all of them. The man ended up receiving about 500,000 likes on this tweet. 

#2. Macklemore

Maclemore is known for his way around words. People do not know that he was in rehab when he was just 25 years old. He credits his dad for saving his life. In an interview he confirmed the same.

However, even after exiting recovery, he suffered with many problems as people do. And, during the pandemic, he relapsed. Macklemore talked about how he has been in rooms of recovery for the past 11 years. He does not even remember how many days at a time. 

#3. Miley Cyrus

She attained sobriety in the year 2019 after a vocal cord surgery. Miley tried to find out the history of mental health and substance abuse in her family. What she found out shocked her. Her family did have history with people dependent on substances and struggling with mental health. 

Ms. Cyrus gave an interview where she talked about how this revealed so much. Finding out this history made her understand a lot about herself. It stops us from asking – Why am I like this?

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