Connection Between Childhood Trauma And Addiction: What is it?

Connection Between Childhood Trauma And Addiction: What is it?

It has usually been observed that a person suffering from any childhood trauma turns towards addictive substances to ease the pain. This further becomes a constant behavior and soon turns into an addiction. People suffering from addiction caused due to trauma need to take help from the rehab center Skyward Treatment, which help them recover from both issues. 

Connection Between Trauma And Addiction

Usually, trauma can become a reason behind addiction to drugs and alcohol. When a childhood trauma remains buried deep inside someone’s mind, it becomes difficult for them to forget it and move on. This unresolved trauma keeps on reminding them of the pain they have felt, further affecting their lives and mental health. Such people usually turn towards addictive substances like drugs and alcohol to make themselves feel better, and this is how addiction is born.

Healing From Addiction And Unresolved Trauma At The Same Time

The best way to overcome addiction caused by trauma is to undergo treatment that targets both issues at the same time. If addiction is treated without resolving the trauma, it has a higher chance of relapse. 

One can also undergo dual diagnosis treatment that addresses the addiction and any other underlying mental health issue that was caused due to trauma. It is often advisable to treat all these issues together to assure a better recovery and avoid relapse. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment is one of the most effective and trusted techniques to recover from trauma and addiction. All the negative symptoms are targeted in this form of treatment instead of a singular mental health disorder. A dual diagnosis treatment includes:

  • Feedback and inputs from addiction treatment experts as well as from mental health experts
  • Personal or group behavioral psychotherapy sessions
  • Prescribed medicines to handle withdrawal symptoms and mental health issues
  • Involving families in the treatment process. 

Seeking Treatment At Skyward Treatment 

Suppose you or anyone you know is suffering from addiction due to childhood trauma or any other mental health issues. In that case, you can always seek help from our professionals at Skyward Treatment center. Our professionals are always ready to guide you on the path of recovery with the highest quality of treatment and therapies possible. Call us now to book an appointment with our experts. 

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