Is Childhood Trauma a Reason for Drug Addiction?

Is Childhood Trauma a Reason for Drug Addiction?

A person can become an addict due various reasons out of which, one concerning reason is childhood trauma. Anyone who has experienced some traumatic event in their childhood can acquire some mental health issues. Along with these often comes the addiction to drugs or alcohol. 

What Is Trauma?

Trauma is often described as an unfavorable reaction to an event or multiple events of the similar kind that were caused or are still causing physical or psychological harm. The trauma becomes more harmful when the person is not able to forget it and keeps reliving the sad event. This experience causes more pain along with some mental health troubles. 

These mental health issues prevail and the person turns to drugs and alcohol for emotional and physical support. Some of the most common types of childhood trauma are caused due to: 

  • Negligence by parents
  • Car, fire or other severe accidents
  • Bullying or harassment
  • Extreme verbal abuse
  • Physical and rape or sexual assault 

These are just some of the common reasons for childhood trauma. A person can have traumas due to other events too which took place in their childhood. They also affect the physical and psychological well – being of the person equally. 

A Connection Between Addiction and Childhood Trauma

There have been studies by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) which show that about one – third of all adolescents might suffer from addiction by the time they reach the age of 18. There are millions who suffer from PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and they are more likely to develop a dependency on addictive substances like drugs and alcohol. 

Impact Of Childhood Trauma On Adulthood

People who have been a victim to traumatizing events in their childhood are prone to developing an addiction for alcohol or drugs and even prescribed medicines at times. The trauma and addiction, together, can also cause certain behavioral problems like developing uncontrolled eating habits or dangerous sexual behavior. However, there is help available for anyone who is going through this rough phase and can lead a healthy life again. 

Such traumatic events can leave a deeper impact on children as they lack coping abilities like an adult. But if they choose to rely on addictive substances to ease out the pain, the problem will only worsen in the future. Hence, instead of developing addiction for such substances, it is advisable to reach out to a counselor at an early age to get out of the trauma and maintain a healthy mental state. 

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