Co-occurring Disorders-Alcohol Addiction and Depression

Co-occurring Disorders-Alcohol Addiction and Depression

Have you developed depression due to drinking or are you drinking because of your depression issues? Sounds confusing right? Well, both the cases are very much possible. 

Alcohol and depression are linked together. There are cases where people begin drinking alcohol to overcome depression and others develop depression due to excessive alcohol intake. Let us read more about it to thoroughly understand the interconnection.

Link Between Alcohol and Depression  

Drinking occasionally after a hectic day at work might seem normal. But this can soon become a habit when one chooses alcohol to relieve the depressing feeling. Research proves that kids and teens suffering from depression are more likely to develop alcohol addiction later in their lives. Even women suffering from this mental illness are likely to abuse and overdose on the substance. 

If anyone is already on antidepressants, alcohol is the worst thing to consume. Alcohol reduces the effects of the medicines, making the person feel even more depressed. 

Signs Showing Alcohol Addiction

Here are 11 signs listed down by the experts which prove that your alcohol consumption is turning into an addiction.

  • Began drinking for more time than you intended 
  • Unable to cut down on your alcohol intake 
  • Spending a lot of time obtaining, drinking, and recovering from the substance use
  • Experiencing intense alcohol cravings 
  • Failing to cater to work/school, home, and other responsibilities due to alcohol 
  • Neglecting the relationship issues caused due to alcohol 
  • Giving up on hobbies and activities which were once important to you
  • Choosing alcohol even after it has caused trouble for you 
  • Drinking even when you know it is worsening your mental and physical health 
  • Experience withdrawal symptoms after skipping even one drink 
  • Developed tolerance, meaning you need more amount of alcohol to experience the same effect 

Experts say that if you are showing 2 or 3 of the above signs, you might have a mild addiction. But if you’re showing more than 6 signs, you have developed a severe addiction and need help. 

Treating the Co-Occurring Disorders 

If you are suffering from both alcohol addiction and depression, it means you have co-occurring disorders and need professional help to get them treated. You need to approach a rehab center like Skyward Treatment in Sugar Land, Texas. 

The experts at our rehab center will provide the necessary therapies and treatments to overcome both these disorders. Some of the therapies used in the recovery process are: 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy 
  • Holistic therapy 
  • Antidepressants 
  • Support group therapy

Our professionals at the rehab center will recommend you the most suitable therapy. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.

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