Codependent Behavior: What is it?

Codependent Behavior: What is it?

The process of recovery in fighting addiction, is one which requires constant understanding, support, and direction from professional and familial avenues. However, the situation of addiction and possibility of relapse is exasperated when those around us undergo codependency. 

The inability to recognise and frame a plan of action to assist a person in the process of recovery, people become prey to codependency. 

What is Codependent Behavior?

Codependency is a relational phenomenon based on patterns depicting a person sacrificing their own needs for another. Codependency leads to a situation of misuse and exploitation of the person who is caring, unknowingly. 

The incidence of codependency increases manifold in relationships characterized with addiction. Permitting a person with addictive tendencies to incessantly exploit a situation only leads to more harm as now the codependent person becomes an enabler by encouraging the addict to maintain or increase their reliance on substance.

Codependency generally stems from pure care for the addict and takes the shape of direct or indirect encouragement. Instances of granting money to the addict for drugs or legal fees, or defending the addict’s usage are common cases of codependency. 

How Can Codependent Relationships Affect Mental Health and Addiction?

Codependency encourages stagnancy for the addict since they find no compelling reason to transform their behavior and are unaware of the negative consequences of their actions owing to an absence of the ‘reality check’. 

The codependent partner further makes ends meet to support the addict in their financial hardships, employment, interpersonal relationships, and emotional guidance. Out of pity or care, the codependent may even allow the addict to consume substances and defend their actions. 

In the garb of assisting the addict; codependency makes the situation worse, leading to adverse repercussions on the mental health of both the addict and the codependent. The absence of professional and systemised help owing to such codependency further permeates into a lack of understanding and support between the parties which stagnates the recovery process. 

How to Find Treatment for Codependent Behavior? 

Codependency cannot be a substitute for professional treatment, and is only a supplemental process. Addiction recovery needs to be conducted under a specialized facility, like Skyward Recovery Center, as treatment providers are able to render adequate mental and medical assistance necessary for recovery. 

Our Family therapy programmes benefit the addict along with the codependent in understanding the nature of addiction and methods for mitigation.

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