Common Excuses often Heard to avoid Addiction Treatment

Common Excuses often Heard to avoid Addiction Treatment

Noticing your loved ones surrender to addictive substances is heartbreaking. It is even worse when you try and convince them to seek help and they bluntly refuse to do so. It feels as if they no longer care for your feelings. 

However, the truth is that they are so dependent on the substances that it becomes difficult for them to survive without drugs or alcohol. To hide this dependency, they then come up with certain excuses. 

Common Excuses Given by People to Avoid Therapy

There are a lot of excuses given by people who want to avoid therapy. The most common ones are listed below: 

  • “I can stop whenever I want to” 

This is a common sentence said by the ones in denial about seeking help. No matter how much you try to convince them, they would be so confident about themselves. However, you should not be convinced by this and repeatedly ask them to seek help. 

  • “I know someone who went to treatment and relapsed, so why should I go?” 

One should not be demotivated by the thought of relapse. Relapse is a natural part of the process and can happen to anyone. However, not only addicts but even you should not be demotivated by the chances of relapse. 

  • “All my friends do drugs and drink alcohol. I will be left alone if I get sober” 

Your loved one might have developed strong companionship with people who drink and do drugs. They would come up with this excuse but you should try and convince them with the possibility of making new friends who are into self-care and living a healthy life

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