Dating in Early Sobriety: Should You Do It?

Dating in Early Sobriety: Should You Do It?

The stage of early sobriety can prove to be a difficult and confusing time. People going through it are often riddled with questions about the present and future. One of these questions is whether I should start dating in early sobriety. 

When it comes to dating in early recovery, people have varied experiences. Some of them talk about how they met their soulmate within a week of getting out of rehab. However, there are stories which talk about how they didn’t date for a week and it proved to be a life changer for them. 

This is the reason why many professionals do not suggest that you start dating in early recovery. And, they always back it up with reasons. So, why shouldn’t you date in early recovery? Let us try to find out. 

Keep Sobriety as your priority

It is natural to feel a sense of loneliness while getting out of treatment. For many of us, our friends, family and any social outings are ripped away from our lives. In these tough times, it is no surprise that the human need for contact takes over us. 

It makes you seek out relationships and try to spend time with your significant other. Nevertheless, getting into relationships also tends to take your focus away from your recovery. 

When you get into recovery, the primary focus should be on staying sober. It is really vital that the first couple of years of recovery should be on one thing: sobriety. Try to meet new sober friends and build a relationship with them. 

Focusing on holistic care for yourself

Addiction tends to damage all portions of your body. It deals a serious blow to our mind, body and soul. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to build a new foundation on top of the old one. 

A lot of sobriety is having a spiritual awakening. It is paramount that you reconnect and develop your spiritual side. Focusing on dating will prevent you from achieving the same. 

Getting to know yourself

In our pursuit of getting to know someone else in a dating setting, we forget to look inside ourselves. Most people do not have time for the same. Getting out of recovery will help you face your real self. Try to identify your motivations and understand the vision for yourself.

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