Dr. Aida I. Askry, PhD: Meet Our Team Member

Dr. Aida I. Askry, PhD: Meet Our Team Member

Aida I. Askry, PhD.

Meet Aida Askry, a doctor of philosophy with a focus on mind-body connection and specialized training in organizational leadership and management from Harvard Business School. Her journey has been dedicated to exploring the nuances of human experience, performance, and potential.

Aida brings her heart and soul into her work, offering a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical wisdom. Her mission is to help individuals and communities thrive on the path to healing and success.

With a rich background in positive psychology, neuroscience, and trauma-informed practices, Aida addresses recovery challenges by integrating these disciplines. She personalizes every session to suit her clients’ specific needs, guiding them with compassionate understanding and a commitment to achieving impactful results.

At our recovery center, Dr. Aida isn’t just a guide; she’s a friend and a mentor. Her expertise lies in holistic practices such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork, complemented by the use of cutting-edge neurotechnology. These approaches enable individuals to reconnect with their mind and body, fostering inner balance, peace, and strength along their path to healing.

Aida is also an accomplished author. Her books, “Insight Job20 Quests for Your Journey Within” and HolistechA Philosopher’s Playbook on the Hidden Art of Flourishing , provide profound insights and practical guidance for personal growth and self-discovery.

With Dr. Aida by your side, you’ll explore your potential, unlocking a brighter future free from addiction. Join her on this holistic path to recovery, where timeless wisdom meets modern strategies to lead you toward a life of wellness and flourishing.

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