Things You Should Expect with Individual Therapy

Things You Should Expect with Individual Therapy

From the name itself, people might have an idea of what individual therapy is.

Basically, individual therapy is a form of counseling between a patient and a therapist. This is a very common method used during the road towards addiction recovery, and this therapy is beneficial for patients to healthily access the emotions they’re feeling.

There are various reasons why each patient might choose individual therapy, and these reasons don’t just stem from recovering from drug addiction. There are reasons like trying to cope with mental health issues and even just trying to get help when it comes to handling life issues.

These reasons are valid, and these are areas of our lives in which we can focus on individual therapies.

If you haven’t had a chance to go for an individual therapy, but are interested in going through it, there are things that you should expect.

Primarily, the first visit will be a getting to know each other stage for both the patient and the therapist. There may be questions that your therapists might ask you regarding your symptoms, previous medical history, and even the goal that you would want to achieve from the treatment.

Not only that but the length of your therapy will also be discussed here, as this is one of the most important things that each patient has to know about.

There’s also that discussion about the possible types of therapy you can go through, like cognitive therapy, person-centered therapy, and psychoanalytic therapy.

The type of therapy you’ll need would vary depending on your therapist’s assessment of your needs, so it’s essential to be as honest and vocal as possible in your first meeting.

It’s also encouraged that each patient ask questions and even voice any concerns they have before beginning their individual therapy. This might help the therapist better grasp what your personality is like and what you would want as a patient.

We can’t stress enough how vital and essential individual therapy is, not only for recovering addicts but also for those struggling with mental health issues. There’s no shame in this, and seeking the help you need is only seen as a strength.

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