What To Expect During Individual Therapy?

What To Expect During Individual Therapy?

An individual therapy session is a form of counseling which involves one on one discussion between the patient and the therapist. It is a personalized session where the patient can openly discuss their issues related to life, drug or alcohol addiction, mental health, etc. such individual therapy sessions can also be named as talk therapy, psychosocial therapy or psychotherapy. 

The length of these therapies are uncertain as they depend on the patient’s issues and their will to open up. Here are some of the points that you may consider while going for an individual therapy.

Expectations For First Visit

The first visit is mainly like an introduction based session for the patient and the therapist. They may begin by discussing the patient’s medical history, other issues and goals for the treatment. The therapist will also discuss the time duration of the treatment and can also give a small assignment at the end of the first session. Patients are also free to ask any questions that they might have regarding the treatment. 

Types Of Individual Therapy

The first therapy session will mainly help the therapist to decide the type of therapy that will work best for the patient. The three main types of therapies are:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Person Centered Therapy
  • Psychoanalytic Therapy

All the above mentioned therapies serve the purpose of dealing with mental health issues and gaining self – control over their emotions. 

Number Of Visits

Individual therapy sessions have no fixed number of visits for any patients. However, it depends on some factors like: 

  • Hidden issues
  • Type of therapy selected
  • Number of visits
  • Goals for the treatment

These factors do decide the number of sessions, however, it can be changed anytime and the patient can be asked to continue the treatment a little longer as per the requirements. 

Preparing For The First Session

The first therapy session could make you nervous but you can always prepare a set of questions that you may want to ask your therapist. These could be related to anything like confidentiality, duration of the sessions, types of therapies offered, etc. you can also take a look at your medical history and other documents. 

Skyward Treatment In Houston, TX

Treatment facility at Skyward center also provides individual therapy sessions for anyone who is suffering from mental health issues, drug or alcohol problems or any other issues. You can approach our center to seek professional help and make your lives better. 

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