Three Things to Expect from an Integrated Care Program

Three Things to Expect from an Integrated Care Program

If you’re not familiar with integrated care programs, it’s a comprehensive approach to individual and familial healthcare. It has slowly gained popularity around the country, and it has been showing great results.

One of the hallmarks of an integrated care program is to bring together the multiple types of care to improve a patient’s coordination, communication, and collaboration – the three c’s.

When it comes to integrated care programs, this delivers a collaborative approach that combines evidence-based primary care and mental health services. This is probably why this has worked so well in recent years and has gotten such positive results.

All those who want to embark upon an integrated care program need to know the things that they’re about to expect from this because, at the end of the day, it’s still a medical treatment.

So they’ll need to know what exactly it is they’re getting to fully commit to it.

Here at Skyward Treatment, we’re a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Sugar Land, Texas, and we want to tell you three things that you should expect from an integrated care program:

  1. The best healthcare approach is determined by the facility for each patient.
  2. There’s total control and empowerment for each patient under the integrated care program.
  3. The patients will receive the treatment they need in a faster and more comfortable environment.

It’s best to take note that not every patient would need to go through an integrated care program, and you’re still going to be assessed if this is something that would work well for you. This is why we fully support the integrated care program here at Skyward Treatment.

We believe that it’s time for us to combat drug and alcohol addiction as a country, and this is why we’re doing our part in ensuring that future generations won’t make the same mistakes.

For more information regarding the integrated care program and the drug addiction treatments we provide here at Skyward Treatment, give us a call!

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