Family Therapy Activities That Helps In Recovery

Family Therapy Activities That Helps In Recovery

Family therapy is extremely vital, especially if one of your members is suffering from addiction or some mental illness, affecting your entire family. It can help improve your relationships with your spouse, your children, your parents, etc. The program caters to financial and marital problems, addiction, and mental health issues. 

Family therapy brings in the sense of love and affection for each other, which was lost somewhere due to some issues. It makes the members understand to stand by each other in times of need. 

Family Therapy Activities

Several family therapy activities are practiced to help the family members overcome their feelings such as anger, grief, conflict, and stress. Some of the activities implemented for family bonding are: 

  1. Animal identification: Each family member is asked to choose an animal that would best suit their personality in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. Then they’re asked to do the same for other family members. It helps the therapist to understand the relationships and family dynamics. 
  2. Chinese whisper: the family is made to stand in a line and a sentence is whispered into the ears of the first person in the line by the therapist. The sentence is then passed on to others in the line by whispering. The last person is supposed to say whatever was whispered in their ear aloud. This helps the family build active listening skills and positive relationships. 
  3. Draw my family: Each family member is asked to draw their family and place each member according to the quality of relationship they have with each other. It helps the therapist to understand the bond between every family member. 
  4. Family tree: this is a crucial activity where the family members get to know that they all are branches of the same tree. It also reminds them of the hierarchy and nature of their relationships. 
  5. Feelings Jenga: the family members are made to play a game of Jenga with the blocks labeled as “things we like in a family”, “things we don’t like in a family,” etc. As the blocks are removed, the indications on the block are supposed to be fulfilled. 
  6. Genogram is a detailed version of the family tree activity where the members are supposed to connect each other with whom they share a good bond. It also helps in understanding the bond between family members.

Getting Help From Skyward Treatment 

We at Skyward Treatment encourage family therapies and such family bonding activities to help our patients and their families recover faster from problems like addiction, trauma, or other mental illnesses. Contact us now to know more about our other treatments and therapies. 

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