First Step to Recovery: Alcohol Detox

First Step to Recovery: Alcohol Detox

Because alcohol is legal, there is a misconception that it has no negative effects. Alcohol, though, can be harmful if consumed excessively.

Compared to prescription medicines, alcoholism can creep up on you without you even realizing it, and by the time you do, you’ve already developed an addiction.

Blackouts, legal issues related to alcohol, strange drinking patterns, and irrational hoarding of alcoholic beverages are common indicators of alcohol abuse disorder.

Admitting you need help to recover from alcohol addiction is the first and foremost stage before treatment. Seeking help willingly can accelerate your recovery journey.

First Step in Treatment: Detoxification

On the road to recovery, detox is a crucial step. It isn’t a treatment alone, but it is the first step to a successful recovery. It removes the alcohol from your system and prepares you to deal with the problems that initially caused your addiction.

You can’t advance in recovery until you can lessen your physical need for alcohol and surpass the withdrawal symptoms. Detox can cause unpleasant experiences because it removes the chemical your brain depends on to function.

When your body stops drinking alcohol, mild to severe withdrawal symptoms can occur like:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Tremors
  • Seizures

It is why detoxing at home, alone, is not advisable. Because it can pose serious health complications, even life-threatening ones.

Benefits of Alcohol Detox

For those who are struggling with addiction, alcohol detox is helpful. Improved physical health is the main advantage, but it also offers other advantages, like:

  • Professional support like therapies and counseling
  • A safe and relaxing environment
  • Medication to help ease withdrawal symptoms

Medically-Assisted Detox in Sugar Land, Texas

Treatment is available for alcohol addiction just as it is for any other disorder. Here at Skyward Treatment, we commend individuals who accept that they need help to recover. We offer various treatment programs that target substance abuse disorders.

We have treatment programs like Medically-Assisted Detox, Outpatient Treatment Program, Residential Treatment Program, and therapies that are scientific-based and proven effective for alcohol addiction recovery.

Skyward Treatment is based in Sugar Land, Texas. If you have more questions or clarifications, our helpline is open, call us.

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