Group Therapy Can Help Your Mental Health: Here’s How

Group Therapy Can Help Your Mental Health: Here’s How

A group therapy session helps greatly when combating drug or alcohol addiction. It helps people establish new bonds with their peers by sharing their experiences, struggles and other thoughts. These people become support groups for every member while going through detox treatment. They can encourage each other to stay positive and pass through the difficult and vulnerable phases of the detox process. 

These sessions usually take place in a comfortable room where chairs are set up in a circular formation for about 8 to 12 members. This form of therapy has proven to be an effective one. 

How Does It Affect Your Mental Health?

Group therapy sessions have resulted to be the most effective ones when taking drug addiction treatment. It affects your mental health in several ways like: 

  • Helps you develop self – care strategies
  • Improves coping skills
  • Boosts your self – esteem and self – understanding
  • Helps you identify and manage your trigger points
  • Reduces stress
  • Teaches you empathy
  • Improves your well – being
  • Helps you overcome shame
  • Induces a sense of purpose

Becoming open about your thoughts with your peers helps you realize that there are people who are going through a similar kind of trouble as you. It also helps you get new ideas about changing your behavior and improving your life. Group therapy is a great way to live a healthy life. 

Types Of Group Therapies 

Group therapies are available in several types. They vary in terms of their approach, use and effectiveness. Some of the commonly implemented group therapies are: 

  1. Cognitive – Behavioral Therapy: also known as CBT is based on some fundamentals about psychological problems like unhelpful ways of thinking, learned behavioral patterns and reliving a person’s symptoms. 
  2. Interpersonal Groups: this focuses on your interpersonal relationships and social interactions. You will mainly discuss and get feedback about the support you already have from your loved ones. 
  3. Support Groups: it helps people suffering from mental health issues and also guides even their loved ones who have suffered due to their struggles.  

Skyward Treatment 

Such help group therapy sessions are conducted at Skyward Treatment for their patients to help them heal better and faster. We believe in this treatment and recommend it to all of our patients. Reach out to us now to know more about our group therapies and other treatment modes which are implemented for the betterment of our patients. 

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