Guidelines for a Safe Prescription Medicine Use

Guidelines for a Safe Prescription Medicine Use

Prescription medicines are effective when it comes to treating certain mental and physical health issues. However, anyone taking prescription drugs like benzodiazepine and/or opioids is in a vulnerable state of developing an addiction. This is because, even though the medications are helpful, they stand a chance of creating dependency and addiction. 

Therefore, it is necessary to observe a few guidelines while taking prescription meds to avoid developing an addiction. 

Safety Tips for Taking Prescription Medicines 

Follow these tips to avoid falling into the trap of prescription drug addiction. 

  1. Ask questions and be sure 

Always remember to ask a few questions to the doctor before buying the prescribed medicines. You can ask questions about the medicine’s side effects, method of intake, how can it affect your normal life, etc. It is always better to be sure before taking these medicines. 

  1. Adhere to the treatment timeline 

Whenever a doctor writes a prescription, they always mention the treatment timeline. Therefore, to avoid developing addiction, adhere to the prescription period. Discontinue the dose once the prescription is over. 

  1. Read the pharmacist’s leaflet thoroughly 

A pharmacist’s leaflet is a paper containing all the important information about the drug. It mainly mentions the possible side effects, drug interactions, etc. Read all this thoroughly to avoid any side effects. 

  1. Maintain a list of medicines 

Maintain a list of medicines with all the necessary details like the drug’s generic and brand name, dosage, doctor’s name, and other instructions. You can also include any supplements that you take in the list for clarity. 

  1. Don’t change pharmacies frequently 

Pharmacies maintain an online database containing all the information about your medication. Thus, taking medicines from one pharmacy can help them know whether the new prescription will be safe for them.

  1. Stay in touch with your doctor 

Always call your doctor in case of any discomfort after taking any prescription drugs. Also, remember to consult them before discontinuing the prescription. 

If you have somehow developed an addiction to prescription drugs, then Skyward Treatment is here to help. You can call our team for scheduling an assessment and overcome the addiction soon! 

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