Does High Caused By Meth Last Very Long?

Does High Caused By Meth Last Very Long?

Meth or methamphetamine is a highly addictive and a hazardous drug. It stimulates the body’s central nervous system controlling a person’s senses, thoughts, memory and overall focus. The drug is available in the form of powder, pills and crystals out of which, crystals are the purest and the most expensive form. People addicted to meth cannot quit the drug without medical assistance. Even if they try to do so, the results aren’t satisfactory. 

This drug has some identifiable qualities like color, texture and form which has given it some street names like blue, crystal, ice, speed and glass. 

Time Period Of Meth High

The meth high can last for about several hours to half a day. There have been shocking cases of the high lasting for as long as 3 days. There are different stages of a meth high like: 

Rush Phase: it is the initial phase and lasts for about 14 hours where the user feels an immense rush of energy and power. Their heartbeats increase and a sudden confidence is observed in their speech. 

High Phase: this is the next phase after the rush phase and lasts for about 15 hours. The user becomes outspoken and tends to do repetitive activities like snapping fingers. 

Repeat Phase: once addicted, the user wishes to repeat the first two phases to continue feeling the high and feelings attached with it. They keep repeating the drug cycle and make the high last as long as possible. 

Shutdown Phase or Tweaking: this is the phase where the psychological issues begin to appear due to absence of the drug. The person feels a rush of negative emotions. This becomes a dangerous situation for the user as well as people around them. The user might even try to harm themselves or others. 

Hibernation Phase: at this stage, the body fails to keep up with the missing drug and goes into a sleep stage. It lasts for several days and the user stays hungry, thirsty and exhausted due to previous drug consumption. Soon the withdrawal symptoms begin to show up and to avoid that, the user repeats the cycle. 

Factors Affecting The High

There could various factors affecting the time period of drug high such as: 

  • Dosage
  • Potency
  • Mode of consumption
  • Tolerance level
  • Using multiple drugs
  • Medical history
  • Body’s metabolism

Physical/Mental Side Effects 

Using meth for extreme amounts of time can severely affect the user physically and mentally. It can cause long – term issues like failing motor coordination, memory impairments, mood swings and other psychological issues. People using needles to consume meth can develop certain bloodborne diseases and can experience liver failure. 

It does not matter how well the user has been associated with the drug, the chances of overdose always pertains. To avoid letting yourselves or any of your loved ones be a victim of overdose, seek professional advice as soon as possible. Skyward Treatment in Houston, TX is always ready to help you in such situations. 

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