How are Alcohol and Agression Correlated?

How are Alcohol and Agression Correlated?

Ever heard of the term “angry drunk”? This is the term that refers to people who become aggressive after drinking alcohol. Even studies prove that there is a connection between alcohol and aggression. Alcohol is one of the many substances that can make the user angry. 

So how does it happen exactly and what are the effects of being angry when drunk? Let’s find this out in the blog below. 

How does Alcohol Affect your Behavior? 

Alcohol is a psychoactive drug that alters your mood after entering your system. It can often heighten the emotions you have been feeling before having alcohol. For example, if you were happy when you drank, you will feel in your best mood after getting drunk. However, if you were sad when you drank, chances are your sadness will turn into anger and agression after intoxication. 

Factors Driving Alcohol-Related Aggression 

Apart from your mood before drinking, other factors determine alcohol-related aggression. These are: 

  1. Genetics 
  2. Gender 
  3. Drinking habits 
  4. Social factors 
  5. Current mental health 
  6. Ongoing stress 
  7. Personality 
  8. Trauma 

If you have any of these, you are likely to be an “angry drunk” and that is not the kind of behavior people around you would appreciate. Aggression after intoxication can result in various side effects. These could include: 

  • Poor decision-making 
  • Physical and/or sexual assault 
  • Domestic violence 
  • Impulsivity 

How can you Prevent Alcohol-Related Aggression? 

If you are suffering from the “angry drunk” issue, then it is necessary to address it on time. Here are a few ways you can prevent such a situation: 

  1. Participate in an alcohol abuse treatment program 
  2. Seek help from anger management support groups 
  3. Learn to be aware of your behavior after drinking 

One more way in which you can avoid this situation is by addressing your drinking problem. If “angry drunk” is a common state for you after drinking, then you have likely developed an alcohol addiction and need professional intervention as soon as possible. 
You can visit Skyward Treatment to recover from addiction and also learn to handle your aggression. Contact our team now and schedule an appointment with our experts.

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