How are Alcohol and Dementia Co-Related?

How are Alcohol and Dementia Co-Related?

One of the greatest abilities humans have been blessed with is their memory. We can remember a lot of things, people, places, etc. at once, and that too for a longer time. However, this same ability can be stripped off if you drink heavily. 

Yes, alcohol is one of the reasons behind memory-related issues. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to alcoholic dementia and several other memory-related issues. Let us learn more about the same. 

How is Brain Affected by Alcohol? 

Nearly half of the brain is composed of white matter which is a densely packed network of neurons. These neurons or the white matter are responsible to memorise events, people, places, etc. The amount of white matter in our brain begins to deplete with age. However, in the case of an alcohol consumer, the process of depletion begins at an early age. This leads to memory problems earlier than expected. 

Along with memory issues, overconsumption of alcohol also leads to vitamin deficiencies. This mainly includes the lack of B vitamin, also known as thiamine. A deficiency of thiamine is also referred to as a wet brain which further leads to other overlapping disorders like: 

  1. Wernicke encephalopathy 
  2. Karosakoff syndrome 

With time, both these conditions can worsen leading to permanent memory loss and a reduced life span. Thus, to avoid such a health condition, it is wise to cut off alcohol consumption and begin addiction treatment. 

Treating Alcoholic Dementia 

Alcohol addiction kicks in when your brain begins to depend on the substance for achieving pleasure. As this dependence increases, the brain also develops a tolerance for alcohol. This means, your brain will eventually need more amount of alcohol to feel the same level of pleasure. 

When addiction reaches its peak, you restrict yourself only to activities involving alcohol. Such consumption of alcohol then leads to several health issues including alcohol dementia. 

Fortunately, a few brain-related disorders can be reversed with the right treatment. This treatment begins with cutting off alcohol intake. You can begin treating your alcohol addiction with the help of a rehab center. 

A Step Closer to Sobriety 

If you have decided to give up on alcohol, then it is a commendable decision. We at Skyward Treatment in Houston, Texas are here to help you further with it. Join our alcohol addiction treatment program today and overcome all the mental and physical health issues. 

Call us now to know more! 

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