How Long Does Alcohol Detoxification Last?

How Long Does Alcohol Detoxification Last?

Individuals who suffer from substance abuse don’t want to get help typically. A lot of factors affect their inhibition to admit themselves to rehab centers. May it be their financial capacity, their resolve, etc. But the most common factor is their fear of the detoxification process.

While it is true that alcohol detox may cause unpleasant symptoms, with the help of professional health care providers, your alcohol detox journey can be manageable. Skyward Treatment is one of the luxurious rehab centers based in Sugar Land, Texas. And we provide 24/7 Medically-Assisted Detox to our patients to lessen their fear of detox.

Alcohol Detox Timeline

Alcohol detox differs for everybody. Some individuals finish their alcohol detox journey shortly, while others take a lot of time. Some factors affect the whole timeline of people’s journey to alcohol detox, like the length of their alcohol abuse, the amount they consume every day, their medical history, etc.

To give our readers the idea, we wrote here in this blog the alcohol detox timeline. But we have to remember that the alcohol detox timeline varies from individual to individual.

Six to Ten Hours After the Last Drink

You may undergo mild withdrawal after your last drink. You may experience shaking, change in blood pressure, sweating, sleep disruptions, rapid breathing, vomiting, irritability, anxiety, and a rapid pulse. But some people experience seizures at this early stage because of their alcohol abuse history.

12 to 24 Hours After the Last Drink

You may experience hallucinations, meaning you see, hear, or feel things that are not real. It can last up to 2 days or sometimes longer.

24 to 48 Hours After the Last Drink

Mild withdrawal symptoms will continue to this stage. But symptoms typically decrease four to five days after your last drink.

48 to 72 Hours After the Last Drink

Some individuals who have a long history of alcohol abuse may experience severe withdrawal symptoms during this stage. It can include delirium tremens or alcohol withdrawal delirium and severe seizures.

72 Hours and Beyond

To some, their withdrawal symptoms tend to improve during this stage, but some individuals go on for weeks experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Medically-Assisted Detox in Sugar Land, Texas

Alcohol detox can indeed pose an unpleasant experience, but a luxurious rehab center like Skyward Treatment can turn this unpleasant experience into a more manageable one.

We have Medically-Assisted Detox that helps and monitor our patients 24/7. We do this to avoid life-threatening symptoms and lessen our patients’ pain while undergoing detox treatment.

If you or your loved one suffers from alcohol abuse and want to get your life back, Skyward Treatment is here to help. Call us today!

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