How Long Does It Take For Complete Drug Detox?

How Long Does It Take For Complete Drug Detox?

Drug addiction affects the lives of people around the globe. Still, people try their best to get out of the nasty habit and lead healthy lives. Today, the purview of drugs is also expanding and we can see prescription drugs flooding the market. More often than not it leads to excessive dependency. The governments have done little to address the issues of addiction and it is up to the people to decide how to cope with addiction.

People can develop these addictions through self-medication. Party drugs like MDMA and Ketamine are also gaining ground. Some people also administer drugs to escape anxiety, doubt and cope with family pressures.

What causes addiction and how to detect it?
As said earlier, drug abuse can get common. We live in a society where even the painkillers prescribed by your doctor can lead to addiction. The main reason behind this is the way the brain reacts to these substances. Most of these substances lead to the secretion of “dopamine” in the receptors. This causes the feeling of joy and satisfaction and leads to feelings of euphoria. It also leads to the production of GABA, which calms the nervous system and alleviates feelings of pain and anxiety.

Now, when you get the taste of the euphoric feeling, the body tries to replicate it every time. However, the human body does not work like that. Each time you take the drug, your body builds up its resistance. Therefore, repeating the feeling requires a higher amount of the dosages. This exacerbates the probability of overdosing, dependency and addiction.

Drug Detox: How Long does it take?
The programmes offered by the institutions might differ by individual and facility. Most of these rehab centers usually take people for a period of 30, 60 or 90 days. In these programs, the institutions adopt various methods of therapy to get the person out of addiction. This may include group, family or individual therapy.

If you’re a person who is contemplating rehab, then there are things that you should know. Perhaps the single most important thing is patience. The rehab procedure tends to get harder for the initial days when it feels that you can do anything for a hit. However, this feeling tends to wane after the passage of a few days/weeks depending upon the level of your addiction. However, it’s always advisable to take the help of a professional like Skyward Treatment. So, get in touch with us to start your sober journey now!

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