How Long Should I Remain in Sober Living After Rehab?

How Long Should I Remain in Sober Living After Rehab?

Sober living, also known as transitional housing or recovery homes, is a type of residence for recovering individuals from substance abuse problems. Individuals living in Sober Living Homes have rules and guidelines promoting a sober lifestyle.

It helps them to build the skills needed for long-term sobriety. Sober living can provide those in recovery with a safe and supportive environment that they can use to maintain sobriety.

When Should I Start Sober Living?

Recovering individuals may opt to live in a Sober Living Home after completing treatment in a rehabilitation center. Sober Living Homes provide supportive and structured environments that can help people maintain their sobriety over time.

Factors That Affect the Length of Stay in Sober Living Homes

Several factors can affect how long you should stay in sober living like the following:

The Severity of Addiction

The severity of an individual’s substance abuse or mental illness can impact the length of stay in sober living. Generally, those with more severe addiction or mental health issues may require a longer stay to establish a strong foundation in recovery.

Assistance from the Rehabilitation Facility

Generally, you remain at your sober living residence until you finish outpatient therapy sessions. After all, learning how to transition to a clean life may take some time. If your doctor advises that you still need the assistance of your sober living program, your stay can extend significantly.


Your stay can be prolonged if you or your doctor suspect a possible relapse. You have a better chance of remaining in sober living longer if you are more susceptible to relapse.

Your Relationship Outside Rehab

It’s crucial to take into consideration if the people in your life can help you after rehab. After you leave treatment, your parents or siblings may decide to intervene by enrolling you in a sober living facility because they don’t know how to handle your addiction.

Or maybe your loved ones are worried that you’ll relapse and start abusing drugs or alcohol once more soon. This kind of situation is also a deciding factor on how long your stay in sober living will last.

These are just some deciding factors that can prolong your sober living.

However, there is no required period because every individual has different needs – this is something to keep in mind.

If you need more information about Sober Living, you can talk to one of Skyward Treatment’s specialists. Why don’t you call us today? Let us help you make informed decisions.

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