How to Carry Out a Conversation About your Loved One’s Alcohol Addiction with them?

How to Carry Out a Conversation About your Loved One’s Alcohol Addiction with them?

Alcohol addiction never goes unnoticed. You might not be able to identify it in the early stages, but soon, as it becomes severe, a few signs will begin to surface. Once you are sure your loved one is addicted to alcohol, talking to them and helping them seek treatment becomes your priority. But how would you do this if that individual is not open to talking about the issue? Read this blog to know more about how can you carry out a difficult conversation about alcohol addiction with your loved one. 

Carry Out a Healthy Conversation

The first step is to carry out a healthy conversation. Initiating a conversation with someone about their alcohol addiction is a difficult task. However, you got to do it to ensure your loved one’s health. Thus, be careful and consider mentioning the following questions listed below instead of directly addressing the issue. 

  1. I just wanted to check in on you about your emotional and physical health. How have you been feeling lately? 
  2. If you aren’t feeling emotionally or physically stable, then is there anything that I can do to help? 
  3. Have you considered visiting a therapist to overcome your emotional instability? 
  4. Are you relying on any kind of substances to make yourself feel better? 
  5. If yes, then are they helping or just worsening the situation? 
  6. Do you feel the substances you have been using are spoiling your health and wish to discontinue? 
  7. If you wish to discontinue using substances, will you be able to do it on your own or do you need any professional intervention? 

If you can get through these questions with honest answers, that means, that your loved one has been waiting for a word from your side. Once you have convinced them to receive professional help, you can recommend they visit our professionals at Skyward Treatment

Our services are available for all residents traveling from Fort Worth, Texas. Visit us now or give us a call to schedule an assessment with our team. 

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