How to Know If You Are Substance Dependent?

How to Know If You Are Substance Dependent?

When you begin to enjoy the effect of a specific medication drug and starts to rely on it, there is a high chance that you might succumb to addiction. But addiction is not a result of overnight drug use. Factors like genetics, frequency of use, intensity of use, and other factors determine if you have substance dependency.

But how can you know if you already have an addiction? These early warning signs can be your guide to know if you are already dependent and abusing drugs.


Some individuals use drugs frequently but don’t become fixated on them. But if you constantly wonder when you’ll receive your next hit or obsess about the drug use, you likely have an addiction.

Social Withdrawal

A major red flag is spending less time with friends and family but hanging out with people who use drugs. When you develop an addiction, everyone and everything is unimportant except for drugs.


If you take medications higher than the prescribed dosage to achieve the same effect means your body is developing a tolerance to the drugs. Tolerance is a warning sign that your drug use can lead to addiction.


Dependence is different from tolerance. Dependence is when you cannot function “normally” without taking the drug. Sobriety becomes your unpleasant world. But when you take substances, you feel more real and normal. It is a sign of addiction.


Do you feel horrible when you haven’t consumed any substances? Are you aggressive and hostile to the people around you when you cannot take drugs? Withdrawal is a sure sign that you have an addiction.

Withdrawal symptoms can be mild or severe. It is also life-threatening. Getting help as early as possible can make your recovery faster and smoother. If you believe you have an addiction, it is better to consult a professional rehab facility like Skyward Treatment.

Here at Skyward Treatment, we develop a tailored strategy and consider each patient as a different individual with specific needs. We are located in Sugar Land, Texas, but we can help residents from Dallas and the cities around.

We are here to help you battle addiction. Call us!

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