How to Open Up to A Loved One About Your Teen's Addiction?

How to Open Up to A Loved One About Your Teen’s Addiction?

Discovering that your child has substance abuse is very devastating. No parents want their children to suffer from substance abuse.

Drug overdoses among young individuals aged 15 to 24 have been ongoing over the past ten years, according to information from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. And 62% of kids who take prescription medicines generally obtain them from the medical cabinets of their parents.

These numbers are constantly increasing every year. For parents, this is alarming. Doing an intervention as early as possible is the only way to prevent further damage.

But how can you start an intervention? How can you tell to your partner that your child has a substance abuse disorder?

Communication and Calmness are Vital

Talking to your partner or a family member is the first step to preventing further consequences from substance abuse. But what if the other person does not believe that your child has an addiction? It is important to remember that both of you need to be on the same both to achieve a successful intervention. Both of you need to establish a clear meeting point and remember that this is for your child’s well-being.

Talk About the Best Treatment Options for Teens

Before talking to your kid, you and your partner need to research treatment options that are both effective and teen-friendly. Understandably, not everyone will agree about the treatment options, which is why talking calmly and responsibly should be practiced.

One of the most effective treatments for teens is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. This therapy traces all the underlying issues that lead to a teen’s addiction. The consequences will be discussed during the therapy, teaching the teens about accountability.

Can a Teen Still Learn Healthy Coping Techniques?

The brain of adolescents is still developing. Early intervention and recovery treatment will halt the long-term effects of substances. Because of treatments and therapies, their brain will pick up and learn healthy coping techniques which are not damaging like substance abuse.

Addiction Treatment in Houston, Texas

If you suspect your teenager is addicted to drugs, intervene as early as possible. Addiction is curable, especially if your child is willing to recover.

If you want to help your teenager to recover, Skyward Treatment in Houston, Texas, is the right choice. We have world-class facilities, professional health providers, and complementary therapies. Most importantly, we ensure that our patient’s objectives are also our goals.

If your loved one is suffering from prescription drug abuse, call us, we can help.

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