How to Support a Partner During Addiction Recovery

How to Support a Partner During Addiction Recovery

Marriage is a decision- a commitment, staying through highs and lows. Battling challenges together.

One of the painful challenges that a married couple can experience is battling alcohol or substance abuse. This situation is strenuous not only for the substance-dependent individual but also for the partner.

Physical, emotional, mental, and financial status are at stake. It can lead to a broken marriage if left untreated.

Wanting to give full support to your partner’s recovery is crucial. It can make or break your partner’s willingness to recover.

But how can you give your full support if you are also exhausted physically and mentally? Well, first and foremost, you have to take care of yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

After taking all the necessary steps to heal yourself, you can give your unwavering support to your partner by following these steps:

Educate Yourself

Research all about rehab treatments and programs. Learn about risk factors for relapse. Make a plan on how to combat relapse if it happens.


Talk to your partner about the support they want from you. Share your thoughts and expectations with your partner during the recovery journey. Be honest.

Expect Changes in Your Relationship

During recovery, your partner will meet new people with the same struggle and passion. Your partner might spend less time on you, but be patient. Different individuals have different ways on how to heal.

You and Your Partner may Part Ways

During recovery, both you and your partner will know yourself deeply. Healing can make both of you realize that you need to part ways to recover successfully.

Also, there are ups and downs during the recovery. It may cause a lot of stress for both of you. Emotionally and financially. You may want to consider counseling if this happens.

Be Patient

Know that healing is a process. It takes time to battle alcohol and substance abuse.

Avoid Blame and Learn to Forgive

You cannot support your partner if you don’t forgive. Know that alcohol and substance abuse have a root cause. It is a disease and not just a lack of willpower. Your partner has full of guilt as it is. Avoid blaming your partner.

Acknowledge Progress

Small or big, progress is still progress. Your partner will be encouraged to continue the recovery process if you acknowledge all your partner’s progress.

Prepare for Relapse

Don’t blame yourself if your partner could have a relapse. You’re involved in the recovery journey, but it’s about them. Prepare for plan B.

Spend Quality Time

Your partner will be a new person during and after recovery. Make sure to spend quality time. Know your partner again so you can both reconnect.

Saving your marriage during and after addiction is not a walk in the park. But believe us when we say that every step of the way is worth it. Recovery can deepen your bond with your partner.

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