Ideas for Celebrating a Sober Independence Day

Ideas for Celebrating a Sober Independence Day

Independence Day means celebrating with family and friends, having BBQ in the backyard, and watching fireworks at night. But this same day could be a lot different for those in addiction recovery. They might not get to drink with their family friends but that doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate at all. 

There are ways to enjoy holidays without alcohol and drugs. Refer to this blog to learn a few ways to enjoy sober independence day celebrations. 

Sober Independence Day Celebration Ideas

If you have just moved out of the recovery center and are planning to celebrate independence day, we must tell you that you can now do it absolutely without alcohol. Here are some fun ideas: 

Beach can be a great place to spend some quality time with your friends and family. You can take a few food items which you like, make mocktails with your loved ones and just relax for the day under the sun.

  • Host sober BBQ parties 

BBQ parties in the backyard are a trend, especially on Independence Day. You too can host one in your backyard, invite friends and family and enjoy the evening. But remember not to include alcohol. 

  • Have fancy mocktails 

There are tons of recipes available to make interesting and delicious mocktails. Gather with your friends and family and make interesting mocktails instead of indulging in alcoholic beverages. 

  • Be around people who support your recovery 

Holidays are a tempting time of the year and including alcohol during the celebration has become a trend. Thus, be around people who know about your addiction treatment and support your sobriety. 

Get the Help you Need!

Maintaining sobriety does not mean you should stay indoors for the entire holiday. You can follow these ideas and plan a sober holiday with those who know and respect your sobriety. You can also consider seeking help from the Skyward Treatment center. 

Our staff is happy to help the citizens of Fort Worth, Texas. Contact us now and get the support you need. 

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