Identifying the Common Signs of Addiction

Identifying the Common Signs of Addiction

Addiction is a deadly disease and can set in within no time. Thus, it is important to seek help on time before the addiction can worsen your mental and physical health. 

Not everyone can easily identify their addiction, however, they do portray some signs by which we can make sure if they are addicted are not. Refer to this blog to know the signs of addiction. 

Signs of Addiction 

Below listed are a few signs of addiction which can be observed in an individual addicted to drugs and alcohol:

Becoming secretive is the first sign you may notice when you suspect someone of addiction. They tend to hide their behavior by abusing drugs and alcohol. When asked about the same, they might come up with lies instead of admitting it. 

  • Distancing from friends and families 

Addicts usually prefer hanging out with friends with similar addictions as theirs. Therefore, they avoid attending gatherings that involve sober family and friends. 

  • Constantly borrowing money 

If your loved one is in constant need of money, then something might be wrong. Buying drugs and alcohol costs a lot of money. Thus, if your loved one has been borrowing money frequently, they might be addicted. 

  • Changed personality 

Addiction also affects an individual’s personality. A cheerful person might suddenly turn into an irritable and angry person. They might mostly remain agitated and aggressive or completely lethargic. All these sudden personality changes can confirm their addiction issue. 

  • Engaging in risky activities 

When drunk or high, an individual might feel a rush of energy and engage in risky activities. These can also be illegal ones at times. Lying, stealing, violent acts, and unsafe sex are a few other such risky activities. 

Reach out for Help 

If you notice these signs in your loved one, then they might be addicted and in need of help from a professional to become sober again. You can reach out for help to our experts at Skyward Treatment

Our services are available for everyone living in Fort Worth, Texas. Contact us now to get more details about the program. 

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