Important Stages of Addiction Recovery 

Important Stages of Addiction Recovery 

If you have planned on going for addiction recovery, then you must be aware that it is not an easy journey. The path of addiction recovery is full of ups and downs in the form of recovery and relapses. The journey is divided into stages beginning with harm reduction. If you complete this journey, we assure you that you will achieve a lifetime of sobriety. 

Let’s go through the stages of addiction recovery

Stages of Recovery 

The journey of addiction recovery is not an easy one and includes the following stages: 

  1. Abstinence: the main component necessary for successful abstinence is determination. The determination to get clean and remain the same. Once you begin detoxing, you will also face some withdrawal symptoms but that should not weaken your determination. You will also feel the urge to consume the substances again but you need to be strong and focus only on detox. 
  1. Repair the damage: once you have completed the stage of abstinence, you can move on to repairing the damage caused due to addiction. This damage can be anything from your physical self to damaged relationships. You can go through the individual, group, and family therapies to repair all the damage. 
  1. Growth: addiction stops your growth, whether it is work-wise or in any other field. This happens mainly because you have neglected all those important things. But when the repair has been done, you can now focus on your personal growth, pick up where you left from and become a better person. 
  1. Ongoing recovery 

After following the earlier stages and becoming sober, the next and very important step is to maintain the progress. You need to focus on the ongoing recovery instead of going back home and consuming substances again.  

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