Everything you Need to Know About an Integrated Behavioral Model

Everything you Need to Know About an Integrated Behavioral Model

Integrated Behavioral Model or IBM is a form of behavior study used by psychologists in substance abuse treatment. However, this model finds its use in several other fields. IBM can help the professionals understand a particular negative behavior and can suggest ways to change it. 

The model is composed of two other theories – the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) and the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB). Its main purpose is to understand human behavior but it can also be implemented for conducting predictions. 

Theory Of Reasoned Action Or TRA

Modern IBM is mainly built upon the Theory of Reasoned  Action and its aim is to study and understand human behaviors, attitudes and actions. 

The theory basically tells the psychologists the motive behind a particular action performed or behavior portrayed by an individual. The best example to explain its use would be the case of an addict, why did they turn to drugs or alcohol knowing that it is harmful?

Theory Of Planned Behavior Or TPB

The main purpose of proposing the Theory of Planned Behavior was to achieve accuracy over TRA in human behavior predictions. It was proposed by a social psychologist Icek Ajzen. 

The main purpose of TPB is to add the control factor. It says that certain attitudes, norms and behaviors control an individual’s motives, actions and behavior. TPB is a major fundamental of modern science and it is now being used in several fields such as sports, advertising and healthcare. 

Whom Can You Use IBM For?

This model is mainly used by professionals working in a clinical environment. The primary use of this model is to understand the actions and the motives behind the same for an individual. After performing the study, the professionals can then recommend necessary treatments and therapies for their patients. However, the model has its own drawbacks. IBM is a generalized form of approach, therefore, it does not mean that it will work just perfectly for every patient. 

IBM merely suggests the intentions behind a particular behavior or action. For example, continued consumption of drugs or alcohol even after knowing the effects it can have on one’s body. The user is aware about its side effects yet is not ready to quit it. The theory helps in understanding the motive behind this action. The therapists can conclude treatments based on this but it doesn’t assure of complete accuracy, hence, the professionals are advised to use it in a way that can affect their patients in the best possible way.   

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