What to Expect From an Integrated Care Program

What to Expect From an Integrated Care Program

An integrated care program brings together the treatments to enhance collaboration, coordination and communication for an individual and families while at the treatment center. Its main aim is to help patients understand their own behaviors which lead them to addiction and change them with positive and healthy ones. The patients who are about to take an integrated care program should be aware of what the program has to offer in order to assure full commitment. 

Integrated care programs are promoted more these days in healthcare facilities for several reasons, one of which is, they are cost effective. It requires nurses, general practitioners, psychologists and physicians to all work in tandem to provide the most accurate treatment to their patients. Patients suffering from mental health issues are more likely to benefit more from this program. 

Determines Best Healthcare Approach

  1. Links patients to mental or primary health providers: this program is also proven to be one of the most convenient one for patients suffering from mental health issues. It saves them the effort of visiting a dedicated mental health facility. It mainly gives them the ease of access to mental health treatment. The program provides the opportunity of regular visits to the same doctor in order to establish a strong link between the patient and the caregiver. 
  2. Complete control and empowerment for patients: this program assures patients of their full control over the treatment. All their views and thoughts are heard thoroughly. It is also known as collaborative care as it caters to all the requests made by the patient. The patients are allowed to make their own decisions regarding the treatment they wish to go for. It is mainly a collaboration between the healthcare professionals and the patients. 
  3. Patients receive faster treatment: traditional healthcare models take time to provide accurate care to their patients whereas, this treatment form provides care at a comparatively faster rate. It saves the patient the time and efforts of visiting multiple places to receive the right treatment. The doctors and patient can collaborate under one roof assuring a faster treatment. 

Skyward Treatment

Treatment at Skyward facility provides the opportunity to take up integrated care programs for their patients suffering from mental illness or addiction. You can contact our center to know more about the treatment plans and therapies provided. 

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