Is Depression and Alcohol Use Disorder Common in Men? 

Is Depression and Alcohol Use Disorder Common in Men? 

Depression has become a common mental health illness these days. This disease is often found to target women but there are cases of depression observed in men as well. Men, when depressed express their feelings in a very different manner than women. They often resort to alcohol as a means of self-medication

Such a drinking pattern then leads men to alcohol addiction along with pre-existing depression. Thus, it is necessary to know more about depression in men and how can it be handled without alcohol. 

Depression in Men 

Depression is common among men too. The only reason we don’t hear much about it is that men tend to hide their feelings. Even if they are depressed or suffering from some other problem, they would hardly be open about it. There are several reasons to support such secretive behavior: 

  • Men don’t want to appear weak by sharing their feelings 
  • They fear the stigma of mental health issues 
  • They also believe it might fade away with time 

Men might not talk about their depression but it can be evident in their behavior. You can observe the following male-specific symptoms of depression: 

  • Angry and irritated for no good reason 
  • Losing his sex drive 
  • Letting go of the obligations 
  • Substance abuse 
  • Involving in risky behaviors 
  • Becomes more controlling 
  • Suicidal thoughts 

If you have a male member in your family displaying any of these signs of depression, then the best is to talk to them at the earliest. If delayed, they might resort to alcohol as a means of self-medication. 

Causes of Depression 

Depression can be a result of multiple factors. Those factors are: 

  1. Family history of depression 
  2. Brain chemistry imbalances and neural activities 
  3. Personalities 
  4. Stress 
  5. Existing medical conditions 

Alcohol as a Means of Self-Medication 

Alcohol abuse and depression are common co-occurring disorders. People suffering from depression begin to consume alcohol to feel happy and normal. This can also be a way to hide their depressive thoughts and actions. 

Continuous consumption of alcohol in such a manner can increase the tolerance for the substance and lead to alcohol use disorder. Co-occurrence of these disorders isn’t a pleasant experience and needs professional intervention to cure it. 

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